GVAS in search of a Board Member and President.

Jan 15, 20120 comments

The Board of Genesee Valley Audubon Society is looking for one new board member who is willing to take on a lot: we want a new President. We are prepared to send you to the Chapter Leadership Camp on Hog Island, August 26 – 31. We need someone who is prepared to be President for two years, someone to help us inspire our members to become more involved and to reach out to the community. Other duties include: presiding over meetings of the board and, in consultation with the board, developing agendas for those meetings; leading the board in developing goals, objectives, annual plans and budgets; identifying and cultivating emerging leaders.

Of course the President is also the spokesperson for the chapter in the community, maintains a relationship with the New York State Audubon office, and makes sure the annual Chapter Report is filled out and returned to the National Audubon Society with the assistance of the treasurer. Also he or she stays alert to any activities that may be inappropriate for a 501(c)(3) organization, oversees administrative matters of the chapter, and writes the President’s column in the Meadowlark.

The Audubon Hog Island Camp is located on the coast of Maine. The Chapter Leadership Camp is an introduction to Maine coastal ecology, how the National Audubon Society works, how to run a local chapter, and how to eat a lobster. There is great fellowship there because everyone has the same interest in preserving the environment. Last year a Board member of Onondaga Audubon, in the Syracuse area, went; this is what he had to say, “If you have the opportunity to attend a program at Hog Island I cannot recommend it highly enough. The place has a magic all its own. As a biologist I was worried that the programs may be dumbed down or boring but quite the contrary occurred. I was stimulated throughout the week and the staff made the material understandable to all people attending… By far the best ‘camp’ food I have ever eaten. Really top notch … A truly inspirational week and the scenery is hard to beat on this coast. Thumbs way up!” To find out more about the Hog Island Camp and the Chapter Leadership Camp visit www.projectpuffin.org.

The Leadership Camp costs $750.00 for shared housing for the summer of 2012. GVAS will pay $500.00 of the camp cost, the “camper” is expected to pay $250.00. GVAS will reimburse the President the $250.00 after his/her first year in office. The “camper” must provide transportation to and from the Audubon dock in Berman, ME.

To apply for the position as President write an essay on what you believe you can bring to GVAS, email it to June Summers at summers@frontiernet.net, or mail it to:

P.O. Box 15512
Rochester, NY 14615-0512

The GVAS Board plans to start interviewing applicants by the end of February so please have your letters in as soon as possible. If you have any questions call June at (585) 865-6047.


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