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Gray Catbird by Will Stuart

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Member benefits include a bimonthly newsletter outlining programs, activities and initiatives taking place in your local chapter of Audubon, and a one year subscription to the Audubon Magazine.

American Goldfinch (PHOTO: Genesee Valley Audubon Society)

American Goldfinch

New Members:

Please send check or money order for $20 made out to National Audubon Society, Attn: Genesee Valley Audubon Society, 208 Rhea Crescent, Rochester, NY, 14615. Please include full address.


Renew online, or use the mailed subscription renewal form.

Volunteer Opportunities

Genesee Valley Audubon Society offers many volunteer opportunities. Send inquiries to for details.

Board Members
We’re currently recruiting new active board members.

Falcon Fledgling Watchers
Commit three or four hours three weeks in June while young downtown falcons learn how to fly and hunt.

Water Chestnut Pullers
We’re looking for owners of canoes and kayaks to offer one Saturday morning commitment in July to pull invasive water chestnuts out of Braddock Bay.

Beach Cleanup
3rd Saturday in September join GVAS in picking up trash along the shoreline of Braddock Bay,  starts at 9:00 AM, Call June for more Information, (585) 865-6047.

Info Meeting Greeters
4th Tuesday between September and April.

Nature Walk Leaders
Share your interest and knowledge with others.

Program Speakers
We’re always looking for individuals looking to share their knowledge of the environment and the environmental sciences.

Represent GVAS programs and initiatives
GVAS attends various events throughout the year.
Mendon Winterfest, Bird of Prey Days, Montezuma Audubon Wildlife Festival)


The only way we’ll be successful in our conservation efforts is with your help. As a constituent, you have a unique ability to convey your concerns about issues affecting birds, wildlife and their habitats — and be heard like no lobbyist.

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