Eastern Meadowlark by Sheri Douse

Walks and Hikes

with Genesee Valley Audubon Society are family friendly opportunities to explore nature first-hand with other environmental enthusiasts.

Hand Feeding Chickadees

Our group activities and programs are ready.  Registration is required and we will be following NYS guidelines for gathering during COVID.
Our Covid-19 disclaimer is located below our list of Walks and Hikes. Please review this prior to attending any walk or hike listed. Please check here or our Facebook page for updates on upcoming GVAS activities and programs. 

Burger Park, part of the Braddock Bay Wildlife Management Area
99 Hogan Point Road, Hilton
Monday, September 5, 10:00am

Fall migration will have begun. We will be looking for grassland bird species as well as osprey, eagles and hawks that could be migrating overhead. We also will be checking out the woods near the lake hoping to catch sights of some of the songbirds fueling up for their often long treks to their winter feeding habitats. Trails could be muddy so wear sturdy footwear. Sunscreen and bug spray are recommended. Binoculars will enhance your enjoyment. For questions or to register email Register by Saturday September 3.

Genesee Riverway Trail and Boardwalk
110 Petten Street (River Street Marine)
Wednesday, October 19, 10:00am

Hoping to catch the beauty of the river gorge in autumn we will be enjoying the Charlotte end of the trail between River Street Marina and Turning Point Park. The highlight of this portion of the Genesee Riverway Trail is the boardwalk that divides the river channel from marshes along the shoreline. This multipurpose trail is stroller and wheelchair friendly, the grade changes are few, and the slopes are gradual. Trail surface is a combination of tarmac and boardwalk. Anyone interested in a longer walk or perhaps lunch can head north along the trail that eventually terminates at the Charlotte pier with a slight detour to get around the Port of Rochester marina entrance. Sunscreen is recommended. Binoculars could enhance your enjoyment. No facilities immediately available. Registration is required no later than Monday, October 17. For questions or to register, contact Loretta Morrell at

Tinker Nature Park
1525 Calkins Road, Pittsford, NY, 14534
Saturday, November 26, 10:00am

Though we don’t hear much bird song this time of the year our winter residents are still out and about. We will have a walk through this beautiful park woodland and wetland and see what birds remain with us during these cold and sometimes snowy months. Bring binoculars if you have them. Wear warm and sturdy footwear to protect your feet from getting wet and cold. Terrain is relatively flat and is a combination of crushed stone, natural surface, and boardwalk. Facilities are available. Registration is required no later than Wednesday, November 23. For questions or to register, email Loretta Morrell at

Mendon Ponds Birdsong Trail
27 Pond Road
Wednesday, December 14, 10:00 am

Come enjoy a nice stroll in the woods and take the time to feed some of our hungry winter feathered residents that have been acclimated to eating from our hands in this popular park. Most of the trail is a fairly easy walk but there are a couple of steeper areas. Areas can be muddy if temperatures are warmer and there has been recent rain or snow. Birdseed will be provided for participants (donation for seed would be appreciated). Binoculars will enhance your enjoyment. Dress for possible wind and standing in snow, and or icy conditions. A shortened walk with be offered if conditions are too icy, so that we can still enjoy feeding the birds. Facilities are available. Reservations are required by Monday, December 12. Contact Loretta Morrell at for questions or to register.

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Programs, Presentations & Events

are a great way to learn about a variety of environmental topics and get involved with nature.

The Ghost Bird – By Zoom
Tuesday, Sept. 27, 7:00 pm – Note earlier start time

If you haven’t heard, the Ivory-billed Woodpecker has possibly been spotted again, this time on October 17, 2020, by Bobby Harrison. Harrison and Tim Gallagher, former Living Bird editor, the two men who had the first sighting of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker in 2004, set off the large search for the bird that ended in early 2007. Harrison showed the video he took in 2020 to a few people in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS). Because of that video the FWS is giving itself six more months to decide what to about delisting the Ivory-billed from the Endangered Species list. Join GVAS for the documentary The Ghost Bird. This is the story of a town that hoped for good fortune, and the bird watchers and scientist who searched for the Holy Grail of birds. This film is 1 hour 23 minutes long; therefore we are starting this meeting earlier than usual. Register with June Summers at by Sept. 25 to receive your Zoom link.

The Secret Perfume of Birds: Uncovering the Science of Avian Scent – By Zoom
Tuesday, Oct. 25, 7:30 pm

Danielle J. Whittaker, the author of this book, will join us by Zoom to tell us about the untold story of a stunning discovery: not only can birds smell, but their scents may be the secret to understanding their world. The puzzling lack of evidence for the peculiar but widespread belief that birds have no sense of smell irked evolutionary biologist Danielle Whittaker. Exploring the science behind the myth led Whittaker on a quest investigating mysteries from how juncos win a fight to why cowbirds smell like cookies. The Secret Perfume of Birds is part science, part intellectual history, and part memoir. Whittaker engagingly describes how emerging research has uncovered birds’ ability to produce complex chemical signals that influence their behavior, including where they build nests, when they pick a fight, and why they fly away. Mate choice, or sexual selection—a still enigmatic aspect of many animals’ lives—appears to be particularly influenced by smell. Who knew? This is stunning science news. Join us to learn how birds smell and make smells. Register with June Summers at, by Oct. 23 to receive your Zoom link.
If you would like to purchase the book for summer reading go to John’s Hopkins Press, books/title/12467/secret-perfume-birds (they have the ebook), or Amazon.

The Magic Stump, Its Secrets were Forged in Fire and Ice – By Zoom
Tuesday, Nov. 15, 7:30 pm

A new birding documentary by Bob Dolgan and Turnstone Films, who brought us Monty and Rose. The Magic Stump is a documentary about the large stump located in the middle of a large farm field in Illinois and the ecosystem that uses the stump and fields. Make no mistake, a number of raptors use the area, including the only pair of Prairie Falcons east of the Mississippi. It is an exciting film. Join us please. Register with June Summers at, by Nov. 13 to receive your Zoom link.

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